Look carefully in front of my right foot...small but still very deadly!

Bo Is Half Hunter, Half Teacher, and Part Psychologist!

* Have you ever been bitten by a rattlesnake?  No.  Bo will teach you the rules.

Frequently Asked Questions...

* Are baby rattlesnakes more dangerous than adult rattlesnakes?  No, they are ALL very dangerous.  Bo will teach you about rattlesnake fallacies.
What do you do with the rattlesnakes?  I relocate them, use them for educational purposes, or donate them to qualified professionals.  Bo will NOT sell rattlesnakes.
* What is proper protocal if somebody gets bitten?  Bo will teach you exactly what to do if a family member or pet gets bitten.
* What temperatures do rattlesnakes like?  They like the same temperatures we do.  When it's nice for us it's nice for them.  That's why they like to sneak into our homes.  Bo will teach you about their habits.
* How much do you charge?  Every situation is different so I don't know until I talk with you.


* Do rattlesnake repellents work?  No, they do not work.  They only provide a false sense of security,  Be wary of anyone trying to sell this or other similar items to you.